Best Instant Pot Recipes


Cooking is an art and everyone wants to master in this art. But preparing a delicious recipe is not enough. Cooking a tasteful recipe instantly is a magic. Using instant pot for chicken and Spanish rice, for noodles and veggie soup is now easiest one for you. We are here with some mouth-watering instant pot recipes that are full of taste and healthy as well. Now be ready to try out some tasty food preparing ideas like the chicken and ground meat recipes and much more. These recipes are best and will reduce the preparation time of the meals so that you can spend more or simply a quality time with your friends and family.

Best Instant Pot Recipes

How to make “Rotisserie” Chicken in your Instant Pot

Do you love to eat Rotisserie chicken and looking for an instant recipe that will make it easy for you to prepare them at home? Just start your work right now. Here we have an amazing, delicious recipe of the chicken rotisserie that is prepared in the instant pot so be quick and ready for it.

Instant Pot Chicken Enchiladas and Spanish Rice

Chicken is full of proteins and Spanish is boosted with Iron so the preparation of chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice looks mouth-watering together. It is tasty and healthiest food recipe we have for you. So stop thinking for anything else and try out cooking this Spanish rice with Chicken Enchiladas.

Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplins

Are you ready to try out another delicious recipe of the chicken? Well, this one is also simple and will be ready within minutes. This finger-licking chicken will for sure like by your kids and your beloved partner. The soft and tasteful dumplings. So let’s start preparing it with the easy video tutorial given below.

How to Make Frozen Ground Meat in Instant Pot

Every woman loves cooking but cooking something tasty and less time consuming. One of the delicious recipe is the part of this video tutorial. It is all given for making a frozen ground meat instantly when some surprised guests are at home and you are wondering that how to prepare a delicious recipe in an instant pot.

Root Veggie Soup in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Let’s try out a hot recipe that is flavorful and tasty. This veggie soup will make your dinner hot and tasty. This veggies soup is also prepared is instant pot. The use of instant pot to prepare this veggie soup is simply reducing the time of its preparation.

Instant Pot – Pasta & Meatballs

Are you free enough to prepare another mouth-watering instant pot recipe for you? This recipe is simply prepared by the skilled chef. The use of meat and healthy ingredients is made here to prepare these instant pasta and meatballs. You will for sure find this recipe best for tonight’ dinner.

How to Cook Wild Rice in Instant Pot, Greens Salad, Hot Chickpea Lunch

Here in this video, we will help you with an easy video tutorial that how easily you can be prepared instant pot rice, green salad, hot chickpea lunch at home? This is another simple recipe that will reveal your hidden cooking skills in front of your beloved partner and family members. So let’s try out this one right now.

Ham and Beans in the Instant Pot

Let’s try out preparing another instant pot recipe that will make the cooking simple and the easiest one for you. This ham and beans recipe will be ready instantly. You will no need to look for any other recipe. It is delicious and all the healthiest ingredients are the part of it.

Instant Pot Chicken Chili

Add some spice to your dinner, with this chicken chili recipe given below in the video tutorial. This instant pot chicken chili recipe will be a good addition to your tonight’ dinner menu. It has a new and finger-licking taste. You, your family and all the guests will for sure love its taste.

Paleo Meatloaf in the Instant Pot

Every housewife looks for an instant Paleo recipe that is delicious and prepared simply in a few minutes. This mouth-watering Paleo Meatloaf is boosted with taste and prepared with the simple recipe just make your work easy for you. Let’s try out this instant pot recipe given below.

Instant Pot Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy

Want to cook turkey in a different but the delicious as well as looking for a quick recipe? Just  try out this easiest recipe idea shown below in the simple steps. This turkey, Gravy, and stuffing recipe will for sure a wonderful cooking idea to make someone surprised with your exceptional cooking skills.

Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

Be quick and creative, and use your cooking skills for this instant chicken noodles recipe. The mouth-watering recipe of the chicken noodles looks best for your kids and also amazing one for you. If you are going to prepare these instant pot noodles in lunch, it will be a flavorful idea.

5 Instant Pot Pumpkin Recipes

Are you ready to surprise your kids and other fellows with the tasty pumpkin recipes? Let’s try out these tasteful recipes given below in an easy video tutorial.These recipes are all prepared with healthy and tasty ingredients. The flavor of these pumpkins will for sure like by everyone.

Cooking Beef Chuck Chili with Kidney Beans in an Instant Pot Digital Pressure Cooker

Here we have a tasteful recipe of the beef chuck chili with kidney beans that you can easily prepare in the instant pot. This recipe is not just delicious but also healthiest one for you. You can easily prepare it in the time of 30 minutes. This is one of the best meaty, chuck chili food recipes for you.

Instant Pot Curried Squash Soup- Vegan Recipe

Let’s try out another tasty curried squash soup-vegan recipe shown below in an easy video tutorial. All the instructions are provided here step by step. This is the easiest recipe to prepare a squash soup-vegan at home. This recipe will for sure delicious and you will love to prepare it.

Carnitas in Instant Pot with Plantain Chips and Cole Slaw

Are you ready to prepare an amazing recipe of chips and cole saw instantly? Simply try out this carnitas with plantain chips and coleslaw recipe given below in an easy video tutorial. If you are looking to prepare food in a short time, this instant pot recipe seems the ideal choice for you.

Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice

Here we have an amazing rice recipe for you. This is one of the best rice recipes that are popular in all Asian countries. The mouth-watering taste of this red beans and rice recipe will definitely be a great addition to your weekly menu. So let’s try out this one right now.

Low Carb Instant Pot Pizza Soup

Winter is almost here and it’s the right time to enjoy the delicious soup while watching our favorite tv serials and movies. But are you also looking for an instant and low carb soup recipe? it is here for you. This instant pot pizza soup recipe will not just have the best in taste but also prepared in less time.

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